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Display method of black and white display

by:Kimeery     2021-09-01
There are many ways to display black and white screens, which can be roughly divided into two categories according to a large range. One is positive display and the other is negative display. The positive display shows black characters on a white background, while the negative display shows white characters on a black background or white characters on a blue background. Of course, if you configure it with different colors of backlight, the color of the font displayed on the black and white display will also change. The two black and white display modes have their own advantages and disadvantages. It depends on the use environment of the client product. For example, the font displayed on the black and white screen of the positive display is black. In this way, in the daytime, there is no need to configure the backlight, and it can be seen very clearly. But the black and white display with negative display is different. Without the backlight, it is not clear whether it is day or night. So, the difference between these two display modes is quite big. If the black and white display screen is divided according to the viewing angle, it can be divided into many kinds. There are TN, HTN, STN, FSTN, DFSTN, VA. Among them, the viewing angle of TN is the worst, and the viewing angle gradually widens in order. Of course, the materials used here are also different. In fact, the display principle of the black-and-white display is roughly the principle of the electric and magnetic fields of the liquid crystal molecules. The liquid crystal used in the TN type is a twisted phase column phase liquid crystal, the liquid crystal used in the HTN type is a highly twisted phase column phase mobile LCDscreen, and the liquid crystal used in the STN type is an ultra-high twisted phase column phase liquid crystal and so on. If the client's requirements are not high, then you can choose TN or HTN. The production process is relatively simple, and the material cost is relatively cheap. Of course, the viewing angle range is relatively narrow. For those with higher requirements on the viewing angle range, you can choose STN or FSTN. Another point is that the polarizer also has several modes, which are divided into fully transparent, semi-transparent, and reflective. A special point is that the reflection does not need to be equipped with a backlight. Of course, this mode will only be used in the positive display mode. In general, there are many display modes for black and white display screens, and each display mode has its own unique characteristics. The display effect is also different, and the selected raw materials are also different. Customers can choose what suits them according to their needs.
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