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Don't complain about the LCD screen of your mobile phone. OLED also has fatal flaws!

by:Kimeery     2021-05-29

Since the iPhone X introduced the OLED screen, the LCD for Samsung screen has gradually become a high-end screen, synonymous with excellent display. In the past, the popular LCD screens on the market gradually sank into the market of thousands of yuan phones, and few people care about it.

But is LCD really inferior to OLED? Let's explore this issue.

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Before the discussion, we must first clarify a concept, what is LCD, what is OLED, and what are these two common screens on the market?

First, what is LED/OLED and what is the principle

LCD and OLED are currently the two most mainstream screen materials for mobile phones. Almost all mobile phones you see use one of these two materials. And what TFT, IPS, AMOLED, PMOLED and other screens are based on the enhancement technology of these two materials.

Different from the self-illumination of OLED, the LCD screen has a liquid crystal layer sandwiched between two pieces of 'glassDifferent light characteristics will be produced under the action of, and the color filter layer will produce different colors when finally projected.

The OLED (Light Emitting Diode) has the characteristic of self-luminescence, with a very thin layer of organic material. When the current passes through, these light-emitting diodes can emit light alone.

Different light-emitting mechanisms also give these two screens different characteristics. Compared with LCD, OLED screens have more outstanding color performance and can achieve higher black purity.

But LCD is not useless, after all, OLED also has many shortcomings, such as:

The pixel density is low at the same resolution!

This is because OLED requires each pixel to emit light on its own, and pixels of different colors have different light-emitting lifetimes due to different materials, and the blue pixel has the shortest lifetime. This also explains why a few years ago we often heard that mobile phones using OLED had problems such as burning screens and red screens.

In order to solve this technical problem, manufacturers have increased the area of u200bu200ba single blue pixel to increase the life of the blue pixel. At the same time, in order to make the life of different pixels tend to be average, some pixels will also be reduced. The area of u200bu200bthe point.

And our common OLED pixel arrangements generally include Pentile arrangement (P row for short) and diamond arrangement. Although the styles are different, they all have only two pixels, and they need to rely on adjacent pixels to be able to image normally.

Although the pixel arrangement styles of the above arrangement methods are not the same, most of the schemes focus on taking care of the red and blue pixels that have a long light-emitting time but a relatively short lifespan. Some manufacturers increase the overall brightness of the screen by enlarging the green pixels, while others split the green pixels to increase the density of the pixels and make the screen look and feel more delicate.

But in terms of effect, the density of the LCD screen has never been reached, as we can see from the picture below.

RGB arrangement of LCD

It can be seen that the RGB arrangement of the LCD allows the three sub-pixels to be fully displayed, and the screen display effect is naturally clearer and very delicate. Of course, this does not mean that it is perfect. The smear phenomenon, the relatively flat color, and the corresponding slowness have been criticized for a long time.

We can summarize the above content:

LCD: RGB pixel arrangement can ensure full display of sub-pixels and natural imaging.

OLED: The two types of pixels need to rely on neighboring pixels to be imaged, and the imaged image has color edges and jagged edges.

So, although OLED has better colors, its resolution is weaker than LCD. On mobile phones with large screens of the same resolution, the resolution of LCD details is significantly stronger than that of OLED screens. .

The OLED screen has more than this shortcoming, let's talk about its second shortcoming.

Low brightness PWM dimming hurts the eyes!

Since OLED usually uses PWM dimming, it is dimmed by quickly switching on and off the screen light source. Although human eyes cannot detect it, under the camera shutter, we can find that its screen is at a fixed frequency. Perform flashing.

The screen on/off duration corresponding to PWM under different brightness

Long-term flashing has a very obvious impact on eyesight for the 'late night party' who likes crazy liver now. This is also the reason why Android manufacturers gradually introduced DC dimming.

However, LCD does not need PWM dimming because it adjusts the backlight voltage to adjust the brightness. If you are very sensitive to OLED screen flicker, LCD is your best choice.

We can see that both LCD and OLED have their own advantages and disadvantages. It is not that OLED is perfect, and LCD is useless. Many consumers now use LCD for Samsung screens to measure the quality of mobile phones. This is not only a misunderstanding of technology, but also a misunderstanding of product positioning.

Although we have seen the gradual popularity of OLED and the gradual withdrawal of LCD from the market, LCD screens will always have its value until the shortcomings of OLED are completely resolved.

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