Dot matrix graphics of liquid crystal display module

by:Kimeery     2021-08-31
The dot-matrix graphic mobile LCDscreen module is also a kind of dot-matrix module, which is characterized by the continuous arrangement of dot-matrix pixels, and there is no space between rows and columns in the arrangement. Therefore, continuous and complete graphics can be displayed. Since it is also composed of X-Y matrix pixels, it can display characters in addition to graphics. There are three types of dot matrix graphics modules: 1. Row and column drive type. This is a module that must be connected to a dedicated controller. The module is only equipped with general row and column drivers. This type of driver is actually only general to pixels. Drive output terminal, and the input terminal generally only has 4 or less data input terminal, shift signal input terminal, latch input terminal, AC signal input terminal, etc., such as HD44100, IID66100, etc. This kind of module must be connected to the computer with an external control circuit, such as HD61830, SEDl330, etc. This kind of module has the largest number and is the most common. Although it is necessary to use a self-configured controller, it also leaves customers with the freedom to choose different controllers by themselves. 2. Row and column drive-control type This is a module that can directly interface with the computer and directly control the drive by the computer. The column driver used in this type of module has an I/O bus data interface, and the module can be directly hung on the computer bus, eliminating the need for a dedicated controller, so it is beneficial for the overall system to reduce costs. It is very suitable for users who have a small number of pixels, few functions of the whole machine, and are familiar with computer software programming. But it will take up part of your system's resources. 3. Row and column control type This is a dot matrix graphics module with a built-in controller. It is also a more popular type. This module is not only equipped with row and column drivers such as the first type, but also equipped with dedicated controllers such as T6963C. This controller is the interface between the LCD driver and the computer. It is controlled by the computer in the simplest way. It receives and feeds back various information from the computer. It manages the display buffer through its own independent information processing and provides it to the driver. Various signals and pulses needed to manipulate the driver to realize the display function of the module. This kind of controller has its own set of special instructions and its own character generator CGROM. The user must be familiar with the detailed manual of this controller before making a summary. This kind of module allows users to get rid of a series of tasks such as designing, processing, and manufacturing the controller, and also enables the computer to avoid the cumbersome control of the display, and saves the internal resources of the host system.
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