Dot matrix LCD screen

by:Kimeery     2021-08-24
Dot-matrix LCD screens are generally divided into COG and COB. COG means that the IC of the dot-matrix screen is fixed on the glass, and COB means that the IC is fixed on the PCB board. The display functions of the two are the same, but the manufacturing process is different. Dot-matrix LCD screens are generally composed of countless dots, which are driven by software to display different patterns. To make dot-matrix screens, customers generally need to provide the number of dots, glass/VA size, voltage, working temperature, and display mode. Etc., the general dot matrix numbers are generally 128*32/128*64/128*128/122*32*240*128, etc. If the customer uses the universal dot matrix number, we can find the closest dot matrix according to the customer's size requirements LCD screen. In this way, customers don’t need to open new molds to save time and cost. The number of dots determines the resolution. The larger the number of dots, the higher the resolution, and the clearer the displayed pattern will be. The smaller the number of dots, the less clear the pattern, and only relatively few and simple patterns can be displayed. The advantage of the dot matrix screen compared to the segment screen is that it can display different patterns on one screen. Customers can make the screen jump to display different patterns through the program to realize the multi-function operation of one screen. The dot matrix screen is generally connected by FPC. Because of the large number of dot matrixes, it has a relatively large number of PIN pins, which is not suitable for clamping PIN technology, which will increase its cost. You can directly use FPC to connect the function keys of the IC. Dot matrix screen module because the LCD screen module does not have a PIN pin to fix the LCD screen, so the dot matrix screen is usually fixed with an iron frame to fix the LCD screen, so that the cost of opening the mold of the dot matrix screen is relatively high, which includes FPC And iron frame. When drawing a dot matrix LCD screen, pay attention to the gap between dots and dots. Generally, 0.02 or 0.015 is the limit. If it is too small, it will be impossible to etch the silk screen film. Because of the large number of dots, the number of SEG/COM is more. The film wiring will be more complicated, you need to pay more attention to the size of the line width and spacing, uneven wiring will cause uneven display of the screen, heavy background and other issues.
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