Dot matrix screen and broken code screen LCD module

by:Kimeery     2021-08-24
The liquid crystal module is a relatively complete module that can directly add power to drive the display pattern. The liquid crystal module includes three parts: a PCB circuit board, a backlight, and a liquid crystal screen. The dot matrix screen module has a lot of display points and a higher number of channels, so generally there are a lot of PIN pins. There are too many PINs to clamp the PIN, which will affect the power and increase the cost. Generally, we will consider using conductive rubber strips to drive. Fix it with an iron frame. Dot matrix screens are divided into COB and COG. COB refers to the structure where the control IC is built on the PCB board. COG refers to the structure where the IC is directly built on the glass. This glass step needs to be about 7mm, and generally needs to be connected with FPC. The cost is relatively higher. The backlight of the dot matrix screen is also divided into straight backlight and frame backlight. Generally, COG products also have requirements for the thickness of the module, and they are LCD screens with FPC. At this time, we need to make the backlight with frame glue, and the LCD screen is directly fixed. In the sealant, the backlight and the LCD screen appear to be a whole. This structure does not require an iron frame, but the price of the backlight is relatively high. COB products can generally be fixed with an iron frame, and the backlight is usually made of a straight plate without a structure. This kind of backlight does not need to open the mold and the cost is relatively low. The segment code screen module is relatively simpler than the dot matrix screen module. The segment code screen generally depends on the number of pen segments to decide whether to use a PIN or an iron frame. Because there are too many PINs, the unit price will be affected, and the cost can be reduced by connecting with conductive adhesive strips. The conductive tape connection must be fixed with an iron frame. Therefore, if the segment code screen pattern is more complicated, use an iron frame, and if the pattern is less simple, use the PIN pin to directly fix it on the PCB board. The backlight of the segment screen is usually a straight light guide plate plus film paper plus a toothpick plate.
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