During the trial production period of the high-end display project of Truly (Ren Shou), more than 2 million ‘Ren Shou’ LCD displays have been sold all over the country

by:Kimeery     2021-06-02

Truly International Group is China's largest professional manufacturer of in-vehicle smart displays and China's largest manufacturer of key components of smart phones, as a key investment promotion project in Sichuan Province. 'Really fast!' Recently, at the site of the Xinli (Renshou) project, Wei Zhaoyi, assistant general manager of Xinli (Renshou) High-end Display Technology Co., Ltd., described the progress to the reporter in two words. According to Wei Zhaoyi, during the trial production period of the project from April to October this year, it has achieved an output value of more than 1 billion yuan.

Building an optimal business environment, the speed of trust and profit will come naturally

Along the way, Wei Zhaoyi talked about the word 'quick' the most, with 38 jobs Acquired the project’s environmental impact assessment on the same day, creating the fastest speed for similar projects in the province; completing 1,000 mu of land acquisition and demolition and leveling in 4 months; completing the topping of the 500,000 square meter main factory building in 7 months; starting the first module production line in 12 months Put into production; the first product will be illuminated within 16 months of operation...The estimated time of putting into operation is 8 months ahead of schedule, which is half a year faster than the same industry as a whole.

Ma Liang, general manager of Truly (Ren Shou) High-end Display Technology Company, said: “Since the company’s trial production, as of the end of November 2019, more than 2 million LCD screens made by Ren Shou have been sold across the country. '

Currently, 7 of the 27 production lines of the first phase of the Truly (Renshou) project have been put into operation, and the output value is expected to exceed 3 billion yuan this year. After the second phase of the project is put into operation in 2022, it will achieve an annual output value of more than 27.7 billion yuan and annual tax payment of 2.16 billion yuan. By then, Renshou will become the country's largest production base for small and medium-sized display screens.

Cluster investment to build an electronic information industry with hundreds of billions of dollars

2019-2025 is an important period for global information technology innovation, application model changes, and competition As the main direction of Meishan’s high-quality development, the industry has promoted the development of Chengmei’s electronic information industry in the same city. The settlement, completion and operation of Truly have completely overturned the original industrial structure of Renshou, a traditional agricultural county and a populous county, and a brand-new electronic information industry city will emerge.

According to the development idea of u200bu200b“grasping the leader, strengthening supporting facilities, casting chains, and building clusters”, Renshou launched targeted cluster investment promotion around the new display industry, and built a new display industry ecosystem with Truly (Renshou) as the core. The chain-like agglomeration and linked development of industries have helped Sichuan to form a new large-scale display industry agglomeration area of u200bu200b'Chengdu + Mianyang + Meishan (Renshou)'.

Up to now, there have been 50 supporting enterprises in the upstream and downstream supporting enterprises in 4 categories, including equipment/materials, key components, panels/modules, and product applications, and 5 supporting enterprises have settled in them. It is estimated that after the upstream and downstream supporting enterprises settle down, they can achieve an investment of more than 50 billion yuan and an output value of more than 60 billion yuan. At the same time, it will also attract key projects with a total investment of more than 15 billion yuan, including Agreya and Dongxu Optoelectronics, to realize the development of Meishan's new display industry from scratch.

'Truly (Renshou) 5th generation TFT-LCD project production line is currently the world’s largest production line for the 5th generation TFT automotive display. After full production, it can achieve a production capacity of 140,000 pieces/month. Reached more than 5,000 people,' general manager Ma Liang revealed to reporters.

The entry of the Truly (Renshou) project has not only promoted the industrial transformation and upgrading of Renshou County, but also formed an industrial system with supporting links, complete chains and diverse categories. Leaders live high and live. With the landing of supporting enterprises such as Guangdong Jinlun, Messer Gas, Tianjin Lean Mengxun, Shenzhen Shenfengdi, Shanghai Fansheng, etc., the agglomeration and development of the electronic information industry chain in Renshou County, the upstream and downstream industries The coordinated development path has become clearer, and Renshou has made the leap from a large agricultural county to a strong industrial county more firmly.

Source: Sichuan News Net

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