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engineering principles of tft lcd displays

by:Kimeery     2020-04-27
The LCD display has become the preferred display form for navigation information, radio and audio.
Tft LCD displays tend to produce high quality graphic displays.
High quality indicates the number of individual color points on the screen.
The points discussed are classified as pixels.
Resolution depends on knowing exactly how many points are on the vertical plane and the number of points along the horizontal plane.
For example, a resolution could be called 1264 by 800.
While like every aspect of the LCD display, the LCD display operates in another way.
Most of them use active matrix technology.
Active Matrix technology uses active switch devices and storage capacitors at each intersection of the electrode.
The most common switching device is a thin film transistor (TFT).
TFT is definitely a capacitor and transistor array in the matrix on the screen glass.
They have a structure that fills the liquid crystal between the two glass plates to simulate the shape of the sandwich.
Depending on the volume of the desired pixels displayed on the screen, the glass has many TFTs.
Most thin film transistors are made of amorphous carbon.
The enclosure transistor is mainly a field-effect transistor (FET).
They can be made from door-to-door or lower door.
Nevertheless, fet with lower gate is used most of the time.
A module of this technology consists of TFT panel, drive circuit unit, backlight system and assembly unit.
The display is divided into millions of pixel units consisting of LCD batteries.
When cells respond to voltage pulses, the polarization direction through their light energy is different.
As the polarization changes, the amount of light passing through the polarization layer also changes.
They use segmentation-driven methods to display pictures and graphics in the form of points.
In order to drive the pixels of any point matrix LCD, the current can easily scan the intersection of the electrode and the vertical signal electrode through the specified horizontal.
This method facilitates driving a large number of pixels at the same time.
To handle the required pixels, turn on the correct horizontal axis, and then the current passes through the correct vertical axis.
The entire horizontal axis opposite the intersection of the vertical axis is delayed.
Therefore, only capacitors with specified pixels will be charged.
The capacitor is able to store the charge to the next refresh cycle.
Color filters have the responsibility to produce colors.
The motion of the liquid crystal is based on the difference in voltage between TFT glass and color filter glass.
However, through the motion of the liquid crystal, the amount of backlight emitted is determined in a way that produces color.
The substrate of the tft LCD display consists of transistors, storage capacitors, electrical wiring, and pixel-related electrodes.
The color filter for wood stains consists of black matrix and resin film.
This resin film contains pigments of three primary colors;
Red, blue, green.
Sealant is used in the construction of the glass substrate.
Ensure the spacing between the two substrates by using the gasket.
In addition, the tapered light guide plate also provides backlight.
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