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europe honours lcd screen pioneer martin schadt

by:Kimeery     2020-03-11
LCD monitors have become ubiquitous and it is easy to take them for granted.
But one of the key players in LCD Development said the innovation was not \"highly valued\" in the early days \".
Martin Stadt is not exaggerating.
In 1970, Swiss physicists made a breakthrough, paving the way for LCD reading
First out on calculator, watch and alarm clock, then flat
A flat-screen TV, a laptop and a smartphone.
But a year later, his employer, Roche, said the feat did not match other drugs --
Concentrate on completing the project.
Thankfully, the decision turned out to be short-lived.
Dr. Lived and Dr. Schadt helped the company become the main supplier of screens
Make further contributions to the development of technology.
His admirers know that he is the \"father of pixels,\" and this week the European Patent Office awarded him a lifetime achievement award, noting that sales of equipment featuring LCD panels totaled $ 120bn (£80bn)in 2012.
Learning about news, 74-year-
\"A lot of people\" have contributed to this technology.
But he also wants to show that it is too early to say whether innovation will be covered up by the organic light of competitors --LEDs ()screens.
LCD is unusual.
Unlike most substances, they can be in an intermediate state between solids and liquids.
In 1888, a botanist who studied carrots first discovered them, and he extracted a compound that appeared to have two melting points.
At first it became soft and white, and the next day it became transparent.
In the 1960 s, researchers at the RCA lab in Princeton, New Jersey used the discovery to create the first basic LCD screen.
It uses the charge to scatter light from the liquid crystal, making the display look like a frosted glass window.
However, there are shortcomings in this effort.
\"It requires current, so power consumption is a problem, and the current reduces the electrode, which limits the life of the device and the required voltage is relatively high,\" Dr. Schadt told the BBC . \".
\"So when we start looking for an alternative to this effect, we want a device with low power consumption that has low operating voltage and better contrast.
Dr. Schadt, with the help of another physicist, Wolfgang Helfrich, achieved his goal at Roche in 1970.
They have demonstrated that by using electroshock, the spiral molecular structure of the liquid crystal may \"unravel\", causing them to block the light and then \"reopen\"
Twist \"and let them see-through again.
The SFP required to achieve this is much lower than expected, which means that this effect can be produced with a normal battery.
\"This is a surprise --
We expect in theory [to need]
A higher voltage of about 50 volts, \"said Dr. Schadt.
\"I found that only three volts can get a high contrast.
\"But in physics, this is often the case with experimental findings --
You have a vague idea of how things should work, and then you find that they work differently.
\"The process is called a distorted phase effect.
By placing a layer of liquid crystal between the two plastic surfaces coated with a transparent electrode grid, and then powering on, they found that they could create a single \"pixel\" that could be used to draw the shape \".
They filed a patent for the idea in Switzerland in December 4, 1970, and four days later published a paper in applied physics Express.
Dr. Schadt said that while this has a great impact on other LCD researchers, the use of organic substances in electronic products is still an \"exotic\" idea for others.
Therefore, Roche underestimated the value found by its team and canceled the project.
Dr. Schadt changed the discipline and studied biological reactions over the next two years, including the effects of drugs given to chickens.
It was not until 1973 when watch maker Seiko offered to buy his LCD patent that Roche reconsider.
The Japanese company is drawn to the fact that the technology works with only a few microwatts of power per square centimeter, making it suitable for the wrist
Although Roche chose not to make its own LCD screen, it realized that the invention was too valuable to sell and decided to authorize the technology to Seiko and other companies.
It also reformed the department of liquid crystal research, leaving Dr. Schadt in charge, shortening his short term in medical research.
The department was later spun off as an independent company, where Dr. Loric and Dr. Stadt served as Chief Executive Officer until retirement in 2002.
During his 30 years at the helm, he helped customize LCD monitors that fit the needs of consumers.
\"To commercialize it, people must find and discover new liquid crystals,\" he said . \"
\"The goal is to find molecules that give you specific performance.
\"For example, the response time of the TV display must be very fast, which is unnecessary in the watch.
Or on the car display you need a very wide temperature range. . .
This is not needed in the iPhone, for example.
\"Of the 110 patents registered under Dr. Schadt, one is prominent: a 1969 document detailing his work in organic light --
LED screen
He gave up research on LCD, but now LG, Samsung and others are promoting oled TV as a better option. Deep-
Customers with a lot of money can get brighter colors, deeper black, thinner screens and lower electricity bills.
Dr Schadt, however, does not believe that screens will be comparable to LCD in terms of price or longevity.
\"The blue material is not as stable as the red material,\" he said . \".
\"So if you have an RGB display, the Blue will be different from the red and green display, which will change the color quality of the display.
\"Whether will remain stable in 50,000 hours to prevent consumers from seeing any deterioration in the appearance of the screen has not been answered yet.
He added that a new type of \"reflective LCD\" screen is also expected to beat displays in terms of energy efficiency.
The technology uses light from the surrounding environment instead of backlight to illuminate its liquid crystal.
The result is like a thin e.
Reader display capable of playing color video.
\"I just came back from a meeting in Vancouver where the Japan monitor Association presented a beautiful 6in LCD display with a power requirement of only two milliwatts,\" Dr. Schadt said.
\"It will be very competitive with e-commerce. ink.
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