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Features of TFT display

by:Kimeery     2021-08-26
TFT refers to thin film transistors, which means that each liquid crystal pixel is driven by a thin film transistor integrated behind the pixel, so that it can display screen information at high speed, high brightness, and high contrast. It is currently the best LCD color One of the display equipment, its effect is close to CRT display, it is now the mainstream display equipment of industrial control such as automotive, medical, military, etc. Next, let us understand what TFT LCD screen is and what its characteristics are with Xingyu He Electronics! What is TFT LCD screen TFT (Thin Film Transistor) refers to thin film transistors, which means that each liquid crystal pixel is Driven by thin film transistors integrated behind the pixels, it can display screen information at high speed, high brightness, and high contrast. It is one of the best LCD color display devices at present, and its effect is close to that of CRT monitors. It is now a notebook computer. And mainstream display devices on desktop computers. Each pixel of the TFT is controlled by the TFT integrated on itself, which is an active pixel. Therefore, not only the speed can be greatly improved, but the contrast and brightness are also greatly improved, and the resolution has also reached a very high level. The TFT-LCD LCD screenis a thin film transistor type liquid crystal display, also known as 'true color' (TFT). TFT liquid crystal has a semiconductor switch for each pixel, and each pixel can be directly controlled by dot pulses, so each node is relatively independent and can be continuously controlled, which not only improves the response speed of the display, but also can be accurately controlled Display color gradation, so the color of TFT liquid crystal is more real. TFT is a thin film transistor active matrix LCD screendevice. TFT liquid crystal display designs a field-effect switch tube on each pixel, so that it is easy to realize a true-color, high-resolution LCD screendevice. Current TFT-type liquid crystals generally achieve 18-bit or more color (218 colors), and even achieve 24-bit color; in terms of resolution, VGA (640×480), SVGA (800×600), XGA (1024×768), SXGA (1280×1024) and even UXGA (1600×1200) have become a reality. The characteristics of TFT LCD screens (1) Large area: The first generation of large-area glass substrate (300mm×400mm) TFT-LCD production line was put into production in the early 1990s. By the first half of 2000, the area of u200bu200bthe glass substrate had been expanded to 680mm×880mm), Recently, 950mm×1200mm glass substrates will also be put into operation. (2) High integration: The 1.3-inch TFT chip used for liquid crystal projection has a resolution of XGA containing millions of pixels. The 16.1-inch TFT array with a resolution of SXGA (1280×1024), the film thickness of amorphous silicon is only 50nm, and the TABONGLASS and SYSTEMONGLASS technologies, the integration of ICs, the requirements for equipment and supply technology, and the technical difficulty exceed the traditional ones. LSI. (3) Powerful functions: TFT was first used as a matrix addressing circuit to improve the light valve characteristics of liquid crystals. For high-resolution displays, through voltage adjustment in the range of 0-6V (its typical value is 0.2 to 4V), precise control of the object element is achieved, which makes it possible for the LCD to achieve high-quality and high-resolution displays. (4) Low cost: Glass substrates and plastic substrates fundamentally solve the cost problem of large-scale semiconductor integrated circuits, and open up a broad application space for the application of large-scale semiconductor integrated circuits. (5) Flexible process: In addition to sputtering, CVD (chemical vapor deposition) MCVD (molecular chemical vapor deposition) and other traditional processes for film formation, laser annealing technology has also begun to be applied, which can produce amorphous films, polycrystalline films, and Single crystal films can be manufactured. It can not only make silicon film, but also make other group II-VI and III-V semiconductor films. (6) The application field is wide. The LCD flat panel display based on TFT technology is the pillar industry of the information society, and the technology can also be applied to the rapidly growing thin film transistor organic electroluminescence (TFT-LCD for Samsung) flat panel display. Growing. What is a TFT LCD screen and what are its characteristics, presumably netizens who have read the above carefully will know what is going on, netizens in need can directly contact the professional Kimeery!
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