Foreign media: Samsung’s LCD panel business continued to lose money last year, and it’s not surprising that it exited

by:Kimeery     2021-06-01

According to foreign media reports, Samsung Display, a subsidiary of Samsung, is an important global LCD panel manufacturer. Last year, its large-size panel production capacity accounted for 14.4% of the world’s total.

However, in a report at the end of March, foreign media revealed that Samsung will withdraw from the LCD panel market at the end of this year to accelerate the company’s decision to switch to the quantum dot panel market. Other manufacturers purchase LCD panels for TVs from Sharp.

In the latest report, foreign media pointed out that Samsung's withdrawal from the LCD panel market will benefit competitors, but it is not surprising that Samsung's withdrawal from this field.

Foreign media believe that Samsung’s withdrawal from the LCD panel market is not unexpected. The main reason is that Samsung’s business has continued to lose money in recent quarters. After its competitors’ production capacity has increased significantly, Samsung faces challenges in this area. , All four quarters of 2019 suffered losses in this area.

In the report, Chinese and foreign media also mentioned that the price of LCD panels did rise at the beginning of this year, but the subsequent epidemic affected the price increase, and consumer demand for TVs also weakened, prompting Samsung to accelerate its withdrawal from LCD panels. market. (TechWeb)

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