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Foxconn's U.S. plant receives local approval and will become North America's first LCD display processing plant

by:Kimeery     2021-06-01

According to the Milwaukee Business Journal, a local media outlet in Wisconsin, Foxconn has begun pouring concrete foundations for its plant under construction in Mount Pleasant.

This building will be completed in 2020 and will be the first LCD display processing facility in North America. Foxconn said on Wednesday that the factory has a construction area of u200bu200bnearly 1 million square feet (approximately 9.29 square kilometers) and that the concrete foundation will be poured throughout the summer. The amount of cement poured this week is 65,000 cubic yards (approximately 49,695.98 cubic meters). . It is estimated that the main building of the Foxconn factory can accommodate 1,500 workers in 2021.

Since at least 2017, Foxconn has discussed the development time of the local factory with local officials in Wisconsin, but so far, the relevant engineering construction includes a lot of excavation and the completion of the construction of a smaller building.

This factory facility has been supported by the local village planning committee on Wednesday and is currently awaiting deliberation by the village council on June 24.

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