Global LCD panel prices will be higher in March

by:Kimeery     2021-06-02

February 25 news, according to English media reports, due to strong demand from downstream manufacturers, the supply of key upstream components is still tight, and global LCD panel prices will be higher in March.

The English media reported that the price of global LCD panels will rise even higher in March based on information disclosed by industry chain sources.

Sources in this industry chain revealed that due to the shortage of display driver chips and glass substrates, the supply situation has further deteriorated, affecting the actual shipments of LCD panels of different sizes.

While supply is tight, downstream equipment manufacturers have strong demand for LCD panels to meet the demand for TVs and other equipment that supports the home economy in the US and European markets. Pushed up the price of global LCD panels.

English also mentioned in the report that as Samsung Display will stop supplying LCD panels after the first quarter, this will cause the LCD panel market to become more tight.

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