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Goodbye LCD screen! OLED screens will be fully decentralized in the second half of the year

by:Kimeery     2021-06-06

According to the blogger @Digital Chat Station broke the news. With the gradual emptying of LCD inventory, this year's domestic mid-to-high-end new machine screens will be dominated by OLED. This means that LCD screens may have to be officially launched on the market, which can only be seen in a few thousand-yuan phones with shell-changing dolls.

And looking at the new phones so far this year, this is true. Except for one or two 'thousand-yuan phones' for offline users, almost all mid-range new phones have adopted OLED screens as the standard. Even if the direct screen design is adopted, the flexible screen, which was once known as expensive, is used to minimize the thickness of the upper and lower borders of the direct screen and improve the frontal look and feel.

In addition, it is worth noting that although OLED screens have achieved full decentralization, DC-like dimming has not been universalized. Since the quality of the LCD for Samsung screen is general or the screen driver does not support it, if some mid-to-low-end machines are forced to turn on the DC-like dimming, the color quality will be greatly reduced. So manufacturers weigh the pros and cons, and the result is naturally that there is no trace of DC-like dimming in many new machines.

However, with the popularity of high brushes today, the discomfort of PWM dimming is far less intense than in the 60Hz era, so you don’t have to worry too much about the future mobile phone experience. However, if you want to have both high-end devices and LCD screens in the future, you may only have the iPhone11 option.

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