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gpus, lcd panels show pc stockpiling -- price cuts coming?

by:Kimeery     2020-04-21
Last week, news from AMD earnings reports and observations from suppliers that they might be overstocked with PC stocks suggest that chip companies will have less business in the fourth quarter than usual.
Now, we get some confirmation information from the front of the graphics processor and LCD panel, which means that PC vendors have a greater opportunity to have too many computers in their warehouse and may cut prices, trying to move inventory out of the door.
According to Jon Peddie Research, shipments of graphics processors increased by 21 in the third quarter.
Growth was 2% in the second quarter. \"A total of 119.
The third quarter shipment 45 million the more than the third quarter shipment 0. 111 billion units of a record 2008 units.
Jon Pedie, president of Jon Pedie research, tiburen, California.
\"So the market has caught up and surpassed last year\'s highs.
The crash in the fall of 2008 has passed.
\"Given the level of activity AMD has seen, it will make sense.
Laptop is the biggest gain.
Interestingly, although the integrated graphics processor used in cheap netbooks grew by 27%, the independent graphics processor grew by more than 36%.
That means netbooks will not have market share last year, according to Peddie, and suppliers expect consumers to \"buy \".
He also pointed out that PC inventory may be overstocked in the fourth quarter: \"The channels are full and the products in them must be sold before OEMs and their dealers have a chance to see the channels become crowded.
This shows that while the fourth quarter is usually a good quarter for PCs, the quarterto-
Quarterly growth in the fourth quarter may not be as strong as in the third quarter.
\"Graphics is a great leading indicator,\" said Peddie, \"the graphics go in before the PC is built or shipped.
From display search, we have news about shipment of tft LCD panel in September: September 2009-
According to the latest display search monthly tft LCD shipping database, the area tft LCD panel reaches 52 million units with an increase of 2% M/M and 25% Y/Y. -
Create new records for big monthly-
Tft LCD shipments. Large-
Regional tft LCD revenue reached $6.
8 billion, up 6% M/M and 15% Y/Y.
Despite overall market growth, monitor panel shipments fell by 8%, the first decline since February 2009.
In short, there is more evidence that PC vendors may have overproduced and they will have excess inventory, which may turn into a price war of some sort, all of them trying to clean up the warehouse. Through stock images.
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