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Hon Hai Group's Innolux, Sharp and other panel factories will fully take over Samsung LCD orders

by:Kimeery     2021-05-26

South Korea's Samsung Display completely stopped LCD panel production at the end of this year. In response to the strong demand for LCDs for its own brand TVs and flat-panel products, Samsung decided to hand over all LCD orders for its own brand products to Hon Hai Group such as Sharp and Innolux. Samsung is the world's leading TV set and the second brother in flat panels. It has huge LCD orders. The relevant panel factories of Hon Hai Group accept large orders, which will help increase revenue and market share.

This is the first large-scale order for a Taiwan-funded panel factory to accept Samsung brand orders. By then, the global TV and monitor panel market will be reshuffled. Among them, Sharp, who was not in the top six of the rankings, is expected to join the lineup of the leading group, and Hon Hai Group's panel power will further rise.

In this regard, the relevant manufacturers are unwilling to respond positively. After Samsung withdrew from LCD panel production, it has placed orders with Hon Hai Group panel manufacturers such as Sharp and has become a future LCD panel supplier for its branded consumer products. The types of panels supplied include TN, VA, IPS and other panels.

According to industry insiders, Samsung branded TVs and flat-panel TVs occupy the leading positions in the world. Among them, the annual TV shipments are about 40 million units, and the market share is nearly 20%. As of last year, it has been the world’s largest TV for 14 consecutive years. Most of them are TVs equipped with LCD panels. In terms of tablet, Samsung is the second largest brand in the world, second only to Apple, with a market share of more than 15%.

In the past, Samsung manufactured LCD panels in large quantities. In addition to supplying its own brand products such as TVs and flat panels, it also sold LCD panels to other brand manufacturers to produce consumer products such as TVs.

Samsung will start the LCD market retreat in 2019. It was originally scheduled to withdraw before the end of 2021. It has recently announced that it will stop the production of LCD panels by the end of the year ahead of schedule. It will focus on QD quantum dot panels, LCD for Samsung and other high-end panel layouts. .

Today, Samsung is unable to provide LCD panels for its own-brand consumer products, and instead purchases from the Hon Hai Group panel factory. In view of the high market share of Samsung TVs and flat panels, it will significantly invest in supplier orders. A lot of performance.

The Hon Hai Group has abundant resources related to the layout of displays. The group has Sharp, which is known for its technology, Innolux, a Taiwanese panel production capacity, and Guangyu, which can supply key components such as connectors, etc., are enough to play The one-stop service advantage of system integration has become Samsung's reliance on seeking LCD panel suppliers. (

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