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How does the COG LCD screen realize the display screen?

by:Kimeery     2021-08-31
Everyone is familiar with LCD screens, but if you break down by structure, many structures are not very clear to everyone. For example, the LCD LCD screenscreen will be controlled by a wired drive circuit, the horizontal direction is called the gate driver, and the vertical direction is called the source driver. COG is the abbreviation of Chip On Glass. The structure is to tie the source drive and gate drive chips to the thin film transistor liquid crystal glass. The timing control board uses 4 flexible connectors to connect to the glass end to complete the screen display. Kimeery: Clock customization COG LCD screen. Below is a Kimeery engineer to introduce how COG LCD screen realizes the display screen: 1. The timing control module converts the low-dropout signal into a micro low-voltage differential signal and sends it to the source-cover晶膜。 Crystal film. 2. The timing control board module also has to input a set of control signals to the source and gate-flip chip film. 3. The power module converts the input power to the analog power supply voltage, logic power supply voltage, gate opening and closing voltage, and common terminal voltage required for the LCD screen, and then transmits these voltages to the source and gate-flip chip film . 4. The gamma module divides the analog power supply voltage into more than ten groups of gamma voltages through a resistor divider buffer or a programmable gamma method and provides them to the source-flip chip film. 5. The source and gate-chip-on-chip films send their processed signals to the thin-film transistor liquid crystal display, precisely control the switches of each TFT circuit, and display various pictures in conjunction with the backlight. The above is the realization process of COG LCD screen display. This technology simplifies the process, directly attaching the IC bond to the conductive electrode of the LCD screen, reducing the welding process. The volume is greatly reduced, and it is easier to miniaturize, simplify and highly integrate. COG LCD screens are widely used in: mobile phones, PDAs, MP3s, watches, information phones, handheld instruments, etc.
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