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how lcd projectors work

by:Kimeery     2020-03-28
Whether it\'s through a commercial promotion or a classroom presentation, or a night of enjoying the thrill of a blockbuster home theater, the LCD is very likely (
LCD display)
The projector is responsible for the lighting show.
The technology behind the LCD projector has been around for nearly 30 years in 2012, but in addition to digital light processing, it is still one of the top digital projection technologies (DLP)projectors.
Inventor Gene Dolgoff developed the first LCD projector in 1984, and Epson and Sony continue to use the technology in 21st century projectors.
The old method of film screening is simple: every frame of the film is a tiny translucent photo.
Shine through the film, then let the light pass through the imaging lens, and you will display a larger version of the tiny image on the wall or on the screen.
The LCD projector works a bit differently. A beam of high-
The intensity light moves through thousands of pixels on the LCD display, not through a frame of translucent film.
These projectors are more than just using an LCD display. -
That\'s why they are also called 3 LCD projectors.
The light is divided into three shades, then through the three LCD, and then regrouped in the PRISM to generate a clear and colorful image projected on the screen.
It still sounds like magic?
OK, let\'s finish the process at a slower speed, starting with the lights and ending with the big screen.
Get popcorn.
Back in your seat.
Turn off your phone and get ready to turn on the lights.
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