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How to buy LCD

by:Kimeery     2021-08-31
When we buy an LCD screen, we must consider the following three basic elements: 1. Brightness: The higher the brightness value of the LCD screen, the brighter the displayed picture will be without blurring. The basic unit of brightness is cd/m2, which is one candle per square meter. Low-level LCD brightness values u200bu200bcan be as low as 150 cd/m2, and high-level displays can also be as high as 250 cd/m2. 2. Contrast: The higher the contrast of the LCD screen, the corresponding color will be more vivid and saturated, and it will also show a three-dimensional effect. On the contrary, if the contrast of the LCD screen is lower, the color will appear monotonous, and the image will be correspondingly normal. The difference in the contrast value is also very large, the low is 100:1, the high can reach 600:1, or even higher. 3. Visual range: Simply put, the visual range refers to the range where the picture can be seen clearly in front of the screen. If the viewing range is larger, we can look naturally easier; on the contrary, if the viewing range is smaller, as long as we move the viewing position a little while watching, then the picture we see may be unclear. The algorithm of the visual range is from the middle of the picture to the clear angle range of the picture in the four directions of up, down, left and right. The larger the value of this angle range, the wider the range naturally, but the ranges in these four directions are not necessarily symmetrical. Therefore, when we buy LCD, we must choose high brightness, high contrast and wide viewing range.
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