How to choose a monochrome LCD screen

by:Kimeery     2021-08-24
For customers who have never used LCD screens, they will have certain difficulties in the choice of LCD screens. How we guide customers to avoid detours is particularly important, which is also a manifestation of business capabilities. First of all, we must understand the customer's product use environment, such as outdoor or indoor. Under normal circumstances, outdoor products usually choose high-contrast ones. The display mode of the LCD screen is best to be positive, and the negative display will be difficult to see outdoors. In addition, anti-ultraviolet and anti-glare should be considered outdoors. Generally, the range of indoor LCD screens will be wider. The second is to choose the operating temperature of the LCD screen according to the terminal sales area and usage of the customer's product. For example, products exported to Russia will basically be made into a wide temperature, ultra-wide temperature. Third, consider the external power supply of the customer. Generally, if it is powered by a battery, the LCD screen must consider power consumption. The voltage should be low. It is best not to use a backlight. If you add it, you must use it. Then the LCD is best to do Translucent, the use of the backlight is controllable, the backlight is turned on when the light is dark, and the backlight can be turned off when the external light is bright. Fourth, look at the product effect that the customer wants to choose the material and mode of the LCD screen. For example, if customers want white characters on a black background, they can only do VA with white backlight. If they have white characters on a blue background, then do HTN or STN negative display, and black characters on white background. Usually we will use TN, HTN or FSTN. Fifth It depends on what the customer ultimately wants to display. If you must display Chinese characters and need to change the screen, then you can only choose the dot matrix screen. If you only need to display characters and numbers and need to change the screen, then we choose the character dot matrix screen. If the customer’s display content is basically fixed, there is no need If you change the screen, the pen-segment LCD is recommended.
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