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how to clean an lcd screen

by:Kimeery     2020-04-12
Cleaning products: what to use and avoid don\'t mistake the LCD screen to work like your beautiful new iPad.
In general, touch should be forbidden, as pushing too hard on the screen actually destroys or breaks pixels.
So the first rule to clean up the LCD screen is unless you have (i. e.
Unless it\'s really dirty). Rule No.
2: do it gently.
Once you have these rules in place, you need to know which cleaning materials to use and which cleaning materials to avoid.
Many retailers offer special cleaning solutions for LCD screens, but the fact is that most of them are made up of water.
So if you don\'t want to take the time to buy a cleaner or you want to save money (
Maybe to put on that \"what not to wear\" dress)
, You can make your own LCD cleaner by mixing water with vinegar or alcohol-
The solution should be no more than 50/50.
You can even start with clear water and see if you need vinegar or alcohol, which will come in handy when you try to wipe off greasy fingerprints.
Some people only recommend distilled water, says Dave Chipman of sharp, but regular water works well.
Unless you want to end up with a LCD screen that melts, discolored, blurry, or scratched, avoid all spray cleaners.
In particular, do not use any solvent cleaner containing acetone, ethanol, ammonia, or chlorine methane.
You also want to avoid using any material that might scratch the delicate surface of the screen.
Choose a soft, clean cotton cloth instead of wood
Products such as paper towels and paper towels.
Chipman recommends the use of an ultra-slim cloth for best results.
Now that you have the right cleaning supplies, you can start using the cleaning technology.
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