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how to clean an lcd screen

by:Kimeery     2020-04-12
It\'s the end of a long day and you just want to fall in front of your apartment --
Play TV, watch a episode of Modern Family, or enjoy 60 minutes of LA Ink.
\"Or, if the TV doesn\'t call, maybe you want to call later --
Night of online shopping-
The dress you saw yesterday on \"what not to wear\" is calling your name. But your end-of-the-
If you sit down and face it, the day\'s relaxation will not be so pleasantto-
Face a dusty, dirty LCD (
LCD display)screen.
Whether it\'s dust that inevitably falls on the screen or something worse (
Like dirty little fingerprints), a less-than-
Original LCD screen means lessthan-
Ideal image quality.
\"Dirt or dust particles may look like dead pixels or stuck pixels because they block the light inside the LCD panel,\" said Dave Chipman, product quality manager at Sharp . \", One of the leading manufacturers of LCD screens.
Dust or dirt coating can reduce the overall brightness and produce dullLook at the picture.
\"So while you may feel like you\'re ready to relax, it\'s worth it to spend a few more minutes cleaning up the screen to make it look best.
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