How to compile the line drawing function of TFT series bus type liquid crystal display!

by:Kimeery     2021-09-02
Various waveforms and some forms are realized by line segments. This article introduces a faster line drawing program, which is suitable for various TFT series bus-type mobile LCDscreen displays. Users of VTK series smart displays do not need to master the content of this article. /************************************************* **Hardware connection: P00--P07 D0--D7******* /WR /WR ****** /RD /RD * ******* P27 /CS ******** P21 A1 ******** P20 A0 **** * ***********************************************/#include #include #define X_ADDR XBYTE[0x0000] #define Y_ADDR XBYTE[0x0100] #define CMD XBYTE[0x0200] #define DAT XBYTE[0x0300] //Declare the program draw_pixel(unsigned int x, unsigned int y, unsigned char color); //Draw a point draw_line(unsigned int x1,unsigned int y1,unsigned int x2,unsigned int y2, unsigned char color); //Draw a line//******** *****************draw line start**********************//Draw line start draw_line(unsigned int x1,unsigned int y1,unsigned int x2,unsigned int y2, unsigned char color) {unsigned int i1,j1,k1,l1; int n1u003d0; unsigned char tempu003d0; if(y2x2) (i1u003dx1; x1u003d x2; x2u003di1;} for (i1u003dx1;i1u003dx1) {tempu003d1; j1u003dx2-x1; } e lse j1u003dx1-x2; i1u003dx1; l1u003dy1; draw_pixel(i1,l1,color); if(tempu0026u0026(k1j1)) while(l1!u003dy2) {j1u003dx2-i1; k1u003dy2-l1; if(n1<0) {i1u003di1+1; l1u003d l1+1; n1u003dn1+k1-j1;} else {l1u003dl1+1; n1u003dn1-j1;} draw_pixel(i1,l1,color);} else if(!tempu0026u0026(k1j1)) while(l1!u003dy2) {j1u003di1-x2; k1 u003dy2-l1; if(n1<0) {i1u003di1-1; l1u003dl1+1; n1u003dn1+k1-j1;} else {l1u003dl1+1; n1u003dn1-j1;} draw_pixel( i1,l1,color);}}} draw_pixel(unsigned int x,unsigned int y, unsigned char color) {unsigned char temp,i; Y_ADDR u003d y%256;//Line low address Y_ADDR u003d y/256;// Row high address X_ADDR u003d x%256;//column low address X_ADDR u003d x/256;//column high address DATu003dcolor;} //end of line drawing//************draw line end********************//Call example main() {draw_line(0,0,150,150,0xe0);//Red(0,0)->( 150,150) }The above information is provided by Shenzhen LCM manufacturer-Xingyuhe Electronics Collect and organize.
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