How to construct a liquid crystal display system

by:Kimeery     2021-08-23
Let us now take a look at how to construct a LCD screensystem. On the surface of the liquid crystal layer, there is an alignment structure of liquid crystal. This orientation layer is obtained by rubbing at high speed with flannel material on a layer of organic polymer film (polyimide). It can be imagined as some grooves, some of these grooves are very wide and do not work, but the width of some grooves is similar to the width of the liquid crystal, so that it can play a role in fixing the orientation of the liquid crystal molecules. After that, a layer of liquid crystal is manufactured, and the liquid crystal is poured onto the surface of the alignment layer. The long axis of the liquid crystal will naturally align with the rubbing direction on the alignment layer. This process of fixing the orientation of liquid crystal molecules is the first step in the manufacture of liquid crystal displays. Now, after this additional layer is fixed on the surface, the nematic liquid crystal layer is established. The next layer of liquid crystal molecules will be laid on this layer of liquid crystal. The first layer of liquid crystal molecules are laid on the alignment layer in a fixed orientation, and the second layer of liquid crystal molecules are laid on the first layer and gradually accumulate to form a three-dimensional liquid crystal layer, forming this nematic rule.
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