How to control a certain area of u200bu200bthe display

by:Kimeery     2021-08-23
In another state, when I add an electric field between the two layers of polarizers, I can make the liquid crystal molecules stand upright and perpendicular to the polarizers. In this way, birefringence will not occur, and the light waves entering the liquid crystal layer will not rotate. Since the polarization plane of the light wave does not rotate, the light wave will be completely absorbed after it reaches the second polarizer through the liquid crystal layer, so that it looks like a dark field from the outside. So we have two cases. In the first case, light waves are transmitted through, which is a bright field; in the second case, light waves are absorbed, which is a dark field. From this we can make a display device, which can control a certain area on the display, let it penetrate or absorb, and turn it into a bright field or a dark field. Through the R, G, and B color filters, we can display different colors by absorbing light waves of different wavelengths, so that the LCD screencan not only display black and white, but also display different colors. In addition, when we can find some intermediate points, it can be that part of the light wave is rotated while the other part is not rotated, and displays with different gray levels can be made.
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