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How to customize the color digital tube screen

by:Kimeery     2021-08-23
When customizing the color digital tube screen, you need to focus on different situations and communication with customers. Customers are only a vague concept about the digital tube color display products they want to customize, so the content provided and the professional characteristics of the product are also somewhat different, and we need our professionals to evaluate and make samples. The requirements provided by general customers are relatively simple, such as the size and color of the product: First of all, we must first understand the display content that the customer wants. It should be noted that the difference between the digital tube and the LCD screen is liquid crystal The pen segment gap can be very small, and the pen segment gap of the digital tube must be at least 0.8 to 1mm. It is impossible to make it smaller than this size, so the display content of the digital tube has the smallest size. In addition, the thickness of the digital tube should not be less than 6 mm as far as possible, usually we have to do 8 mm. Second, we need to confirm the color of the customer's display content, especially green, there are yellow-green and emerald green, and the price is very different. Usually red is the cheapest and white is the most expensive. The third digital tube has two processes, one is patch and the other is binding. If the size of the product is large and mostly blue or white, it is recommended that customers do the patch process, the relative price will be cheaper. In addition, if the customer has requirements for the operating temperature, the normal operating temperature of the digital tube is -20-70, and the best patch lamp above this temperature. Fourth, do customers have special requirements for driver ICs and voltages? The common voltage of digital tube drive is 5V, and the common drive IC is TM1629, TM1624 and so on. The color digital tube screen customization process is as follows: 1. According to the above customer information, you can first send out the structural drawing and confirm it to the customer. If the parameters are correct, you can arrange a quotation, or write an inquiry form to arrange a quotation after the parameters are confirmed. 2. Confirm the quotation, make the mold opening contract, the customer arranges the mold fee, arranges the project to produce the truth table, and let the customer sign and return. 3. The project enters the model number in the ERP system, the customer service manager enters the customer information, and the customer service places an order in the ERP system according to the contract. 4. Engineering perfect product BOM. 5. PMC arranges the purchase of materials, follows up the materials, and responds to the delivery date. 6. Send samples to the customer for confirmation, and follow up on the confirmation.
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