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How to distinguish the quality of LCD liquid crystal screen?

by:Kimeery     2023-03-23
How should the quality of the LCD screen be divided? 1. Contrast It is difficult to accurately measure the contrast with an instrument, and it can only be judged by naked eyes when it is turned on. The contrast is related to the materials of the mobile phone LCD panel, that is, the quality of the control IC, optical filter and alignment film and other accessories is high, and the contrast is high. However, for general users, the contrast ratio can reach 350:1. higher. At present, the contrast ratio of high-end LCD has reached 500:1, 600:1, which can fully meet the needs of professional fields; 2. Brightness The brightness is measured in cd/m2. Generally speaking, the brightness of 150-200cd/m2 is enough; 3. Signal response time The signal response time refers to the response speed of the LCD to the input signal, usually in milliseconds (ms). According to the observation ability of the human eye, when observing a moving picture, if the response time exceeds 40ms, the hysteresis of the moving picture will appear, causing the picture to appear afterimages or trailing traces; 4. The viewing angle The viewing angle is divided into horizontal There are two aspects of angle and vertical angle: the horizontal angle is centered on the vertical axis of the LCD screen, moving to the left and right, you can clearly see the angle range of the image; the vertical angle is centered on the parallel axis of the LCD screen, upward and move down, you can clearly see the angle range of the image; 5. Display color Display color refers to the representation of the displayed image in terms of color. 6. Screen refresh rate For LCD, the refresh rate requirement is 60Hz. Because in the LCD, each pixel continues to emit light until the signal of not emitting light is sent to the controller, so the LCD will not have the flickering phenomenon caused by continuous charging and discharging. Therefore, when the refresh rate is 60Hz, the LCD can get a very good picture. At present, the mobile phone LCD screen refresh rate standard is set in the range of 60-75Hz, the purpose is to use flexibility and compatibility, and eventually replace the CRT display; 7. Resolution resolution is usually distinguished by high resolution and low resolution , The level of resolution has a direct impact on the quality of the image presented on the screen, but different types of displays have different requirements for resolution. LCD only supports 'true resolution', that is, high resolution, because LCD monitors can only show the best effect of images under 'true resolution'. The real resolution of LCD is defined as 'fixed-point form', which can be set to the highest when using; 8. Resolution Resolution is one of the most important technical indicators of the display. The higher the resolution, the better the display effect. However, the resolution of LCD is different from that of CRT monitors. It consists of pixels arranged in rows and columns. The number of pixels in each row and the number of pixels in each column are set and specified by the manufacturer, so the resolution of LCD cannot be adjusted arbitrarily. , Only when working in the nominal resolution mode, can the LCD achieve the best display effect.

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