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how to make your own lcd screen protector for your digital camera

by:Kimeery     2020-03-26
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Side adhesive plastic. That’s it.
Some creative thinking may be required to master this, but there are many sources in this regard.
You can simply buy this plastic from an online or nearby office store that is sold as \"LCD screen protector\", \"PDA screen protector\", or something like that.
This is often cheap.
You can also buy plastic that matches this description in many craft shops and sell it in ways such as \"DIY stickers.
If you can\'t do this, you can even use it if you have transparent tape around you, although this adhesive is hard to remove. Scissors.
Well, you have to cut it into shape, too.
Make sure the edges are sharp. Pen.
For tracking purposes.
It\'s good to have no stains.
First, you have to clean the screen.
Carefully clean using a lens cloth and lens cleaning solution purchased from the store, or mix yourself into 50/50 acetone and water.
Do not put too much pressure on the screen when doing so, as this can cause permanent damage --
Limit yourself to tiny circular movements.
Once you \'ve done this, it\'s time to make a screen protector.
You\'ll want the lens protector to fit perfectly, so it\'s better to track the outline of the LCD screen first.
This is probably the easiest thing to do on the back of the plastic itself (
Before it is removed from the backup. )
If you feel uncomfortable tracking the profile by something opaque, then you can use translucent tracking paper and then transfer the profile, or you can measure the size and then draw the size on the back.
The most effective thing for you
Just make sure this is as accurate as possible.
A slightly larger tracking is better, but be careful that the shape won\'t be too big, so it will stick out at any edge.
This will suggest possible points where the plastic may begin to fall off the camera.
Put it on the screen so it\'s OK.
Start with a small edge, gradually open it, and when you turn it on, press any bubbles formed between the LCD screen and the protector.
When done, press the edges so they don\'t curl up
Again, this is where the plastic starts to fall off, which is to be avoided.
If there is a prominent place, try to trim it with scissors --
If the proof is too big, try manicure and the like. (
But don\'t poke the screen! )
Once the plastic has satisfied you, you are finished!
This will eventually wear out-
After all, this has caused a lot of abuse to your LCD screen!
So, you may change the screen protector.
To remove the old one, be patient when you peel it back.
There may be some adhesive left on the screen and should be cleaned up carefully in the same way as described earlier.
Don\'t scratch the screen even if there is something relatively soft (and tempting)
Like nails.
After the screen is clean, follow the previous steps to create a new screen protector.
This can also be reduced by a few steps if you save your template.
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