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how to repair a broken ipod lcd screen

by:Kimeery     2020-04-13
This video teaches you how to replace the LCD screen for the fifth generation iPod.
The tools you need are a soft cloth, a mini screwdriver, a plastic or metal putty knife, and of course your iPod.
First of all, pry open your iPod with a putty knife.
Place the knife between the metal base and the White case, then pull the knife around the iPod and release the clip that holds the case together.
After opening, lift the hardware, remove the headphone assembly and remove the screws on the side.
Remove the external housing from the internal metal part.
Now you have access to the damaged LCD screen.
Remove the old LCD screen from the metal part and put it into the new screen.
Remove the electrostatic guard from the new screen and immediately place it on the external housing so that the dust does not start collecting.
Now follow all the steps to turn off your iPod.
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