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how to select tft lcd monitor for gaming?

by:Kimeery     2020-04-23
You may have heard it before, but it\'s worth repeating. . .
The best way to know if the display is right for you is to check it out in person.
Specs are a great tool to narrow the selection but they can\'t replace handson experience.
Many large dealers have displays of all kinds and some are still on display.
Go to every store you can find to see if you can find the monitor you want to buy.
You never know that the slightly lower spec screen you avoid might beat everything else in the \"real world\" performance.
Small problem point spacing/pixel size point spacing is the distance between fluorescent points (sub-pixels)
Or between tft LCD batteries of the same color on the display.
Smaller numbers usually mean that the image on the screen is clearer because there are more points in any given area.
Displays with smaller point spacing are generally better, but this is not always correct due to the method used for measuring point spacing.
When judging the image quality on the display, there are many measurement methods as well as different pixel geometry and different screen resolutions on the screen.
Most of the time, the measurement point spacing is on the diagonal, which gives the most accurate representation of the display point spacing.
Later, some companies introduced the horizontal distance measurement.
By measuring only horizontal point spacing, not vertical, cheap, low
The point spacing shown by the quality may be small.
For example, display with 0. 28mm (diagonal)
Horizontal spacing with a point spacing of 0. 24 or 0.
25mm according to some monitoring construction variables, 0 of good quality. 26mm (diagonal)
The horizontal spacing shown is 0. 22mm.
Be careful not to confuse two different measurements because of 0.
The 26mm point spacing display may have more points per mm than 0.
24mm point spacing display.
Contrast and brightness contrast are the ability of the display to change brightness between the foreground and background.
Expressed by ratio (i. e. 500:1).
Usually, the higher the scale, the better the image quality, because the display can display bright colors in dark places without washing off black or darkening the color.
The display brightness is indicated by Candela (cd)
Officially defined as: Phew, which means for us that the larger the number, the brighter the display will be.
However, you must look at the power consumption of the unit.
Displays with very high brightness will consume more power than other monitors with lower values.
The old adage \"a lamp that burns twice as long for half the time\" is a bit suitable here.
Therefore, the trade-off between brightness and power consumption is noteworthy.
AngleCRT monitors can be viewed from almost any angle.
That is, if your view is not blocked by the curve of the screen or the plastic frame around it.
The focus of the tft LCD is very narrow, so it can only be viewed from a certain angle.
With the progress of technology, this technology is also constantly improving.
This should not have any impact on the main users of the PC as they should sit facing the display.
But if you like to have the onlookers watch you get the final score on the Puzzle bobble, or you try to show your girlfriend the best tips you have in Tony Hawk professional skaters, then you may have some questions (
They may not be able to see the monitor either; -)Analog vs.
More and more graphics cards are equipped with DVI connectors.
But should you get a monitor with DVI connector and analog connector, or one of each connector?
The advantage of the DVI connection over the analog connection is that the DVI connection allows non-destructive transmission from the computer to the display.
For example, signal noise should not be considered for DVI connections (
When using a vacuum, there is no more buzz on the display).
It also supports higher data transfer rates and requires more diplays (
Such as screen size display of cinema).
Currently, there are no other advantages to the DVI connection specification being utilized.
If you would like to know more about this issue, please visit the digital display working group (DDWG)
Who developed the specification?
When BuyingAs is currently mentioned, the response time is the main focus of any tft LCD screen.
Viewsonic is promoting that their vp20\'s display has a response time (
Pixel response, video response)
Fast enough to present \"realistic artifacts\"free 3-D gaming.
\\ \"These displays have a\" bubble for 16 milliseconds (16ms)Response time.
\"Hitachi has also released ads for CML174B and CML 175B LCD displays with a response time of 16 ms\", making computer video, animation and game movement smoother.
\\ \"Samsung\'s 172X LCD display runs an amazing 12ms response time with better performance.
Next, make sure to select a screen with a local resolution that meets your needs.
That said, if your system can only play games under 800x600, then buying the 2048x1536 monster display will not give you any advantage and will almost certainly hinder your game and enjoy it.
Checkpoint spacing measurement and make sure to compare the followingfor-
It\'s like you look at more than one monitor, especially the monitors from different manufacturers.
High Contrast and high brightness, but the combination of low power consumption is a very good combination as it will give you impressive visuals and your monitor is expected to last longer.
Other smaller problems (like the price)
I will leave it to personal preference.
The tft LCD that meets all these criteria is expected to treat your game visuals fairly and give you the game experience you want.
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