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how to use 2.4\" tft lcd shield with arduino mega

by:Kimeery     2020-04-26
What I want to show you today is that we need to use 2.
4 \"tft LCD screen (
There\'s mcufriend.
Write com on this shield)
Work with Arduino Mega as it\'s not easy to run with each other.
But with this instructions, you can easily run and modify the code according to this tutorial.
This step is easy.
But please pay attention to the simulation between Vin and 0 pins on the power side of Arduino Mega.
This gap is our reference point for placing this shield on Arduino Mega.
On the Arduino IDE, select your COM port and select your motherboard as the Arduino Mega.
Then upload the code to the Arduino Mega board.
You will see your code working. 1.
Download Library. rar file. 2.
Go to Start> Library> Arduino> Library> paste these two files there. 3.
Paste the code before step into Arduino IDE screen 4.
The library is usually Arduino UNO, and in order for it to work with Arduino MEGA, go to the library folder and find the SWTFT.
Cpp file and open it with notepad>. Please find these codes if you would like to use your 2.
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