Huarui Optoelectronics' 5th generation TFT-LCD project entered mass production in April

by:Kimeery     2021-06-02

Chunri walked into the airport experimental area, and his eyes were full of vitality. To enjoy the spring, the old city of Yuanling and the Garden Expo are full of flowers and green water flows. The production lines of Huarui Optoelectronics, Foxconn and other companies are busy, and both supply and demand are booming.

'Our LCD panel production line entered the mass production stage in April this year, and the year-end output can reach 24,000 pieces/month.' According to Zhengzhou Daily, the person in charge of Henan Huarui Optoelectronics Industry Co., Ltd. introduced, The commissioning of Huarui Optoelectronics not only rewrites the pattern of Henan Province in the new display industry, but also changes the “lack of cores and screens” in the airport experimental zone. The realization of self-produced display screens in the zone will also greatly enhance the comprehensive experimental zone of the airport economy. The core competitiveness of the electronic information industry.

It is understood that Huarui Optoelectronics, as the first LCD panel manufacturer in Henan Province, is located in the high-end manufacturing cluster in the southern part of Zhengzhou Airport Economic Comprehensive Experimental Zone. The first phase of the construction area is 341,700 square meters and the total investment is Approximately 6.8 billion yuan, to introduce the 5th generation thin film transistor liquid crystal display device (TFT-LCD) production line of South Korea’s LG Display. Construction of the main structure of the project began in March 2019, and the main plant was topped off in August of that year; on August 18, 2020, the first process equipment of the project was moved in, and on December 31 of that year, the project was officially lit.

Zhengzhou Hejing Silicon Materials Co., Ltd., located in the high-end manufacturing cluster of the Airport Experimental Zone, has the current production capacity of 150,000 pieces/month on the first-phase production line, and the second-phase production line has entered the trial production stage. Silicon wafers are the basic material for the production of chips. 'The production capacity of enterprises is continuing to climb, and the planned production capacity by the end of the year will reach 200,000 pieces/month, which will have a positive significance for alleviating domestic demand.' The person in charge of the company said.

Foxconn transferred all of its new Apple spring products NPI (New Product Introduction) and spring and autumn new products to the airport experimental area. The number of scientific research personnel in the Ru0026D center has increased to more than 1,200, including Boshuo, Bozhong, and Kadron. A number of Foxconn supporting projects have been signed and settled. Foxconn (Hongfujin, Yuzhan, Hongfusheng) has an annual output value of 310.62 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 2.8%.

In recent years, the Henan Airport Experimental Zone has insisted on focusing on electronic information as the “No. 1” industry. By 2020, the total output value of the electronic information industry in the district will be 320.06 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 12.7%. (Zhengzhou Daily)

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