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Huarui Optoelectronics has invested a total of 5.5 billion G5 generation TFT-LCD panel project, which will be put into production in May next year

by:Kimeery     2021-06-02

On the morning of April 26, Ma Jian, member of the Standing Committee of the Zhengzhou Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Airport Experimental Zone, led a team to supervise the construction of key projects, coordinate and solve various problems in the construction of key projects, and further clarify responsibilities , Optimize the environment, speed up the progress, and ensure that the construction of key projects is advanced with high quality as scheduled. Zheng Fulin, deputy director of the Management Committee of the Airport Experimental Zone, participated in the supervision.

Ma Jian successively came to the project sites of Chaohong, Huarui Optoelectronics, Airport Career, Xianxia Street, etc., listened to the report of the project unit, and asked in detail about the construction progress and time nodes of the project Arrangement, completion time, etc., coordinate on-site to solve the difficulties and problems in the progress of the work.

At the site of Henan Huarui Optoelectronics Project, there was a busy scene. The total investment of the project is about 5.5 billion yuan, and the fifth-generation thin film transistor liquid crystal display device (TFT-LCD) production line of South Korea’s LG Display will be introduced. After the project is completed, it can achieve an annual output value of about 8 billion yuan and an annual tax of about 650 million yuan. The implementation of this project has filled the gap in the new display industry in Henan Province, changed the “lack of cores and fewer screens” in the airport experimental zone, and realized self-produced display screens in the region.

At the same time, the project can introduce supporting industries such as backlights, light guide plates, polarizers, electronic materials, precision injection molding, precision stamping, etc., and a new display with an output value of more than 40 billion will be formed in the future. Industrial clusters. After understanding the project planning, design and construction progress in detail, Ma Jian emphasized that relevant units should strengthen docking, speed up procedures and construction of surrounding roads, and work hard for 12 months to ensure that the Huarui Optoelectronics project is completed and put into production in May next year.

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