Humidity is a taboo for using LCD monitors

by:Kimeery     2021-08-24
Humidity is a big concern for LCD displays. The internal design of LCD displays is very sophisticated. Once the oxidative corrosion caused by the humidity in the environment causes a short circuit, it will bring huge economic losses to the user. So be careful not to let any liquid or moisture enter the LCD display, and at the same time avoid long-term use in a humid environment. Of course, if this happens, don’t panic. For example, when you find moisture on the surface of the screen, wipe it off gently with a soft cloth, and then turn on the power to work. If moisture has entered the LCD, the LCD must be placed in a well-ventilated or warm place to allow the moisture to evaporate. If the situation is more serious, ordinary users can ask professionals to help solve it. Remember, do not let the LCD power up work without removing the moisture, otherwise it will easily cause the LCD electrodes to be corroded, which will cause permanent damage to the LCD. It must be known that moisture is the natural enemy of liquid crystals. If the humidity is too high, condensation will occur inside the liquid crystal display. After condensation, leakage and short circuit will occur, and the LCD screenwill become blurred. Therefore, do not place the LCD monitor in a humid place, let alone let anything with moisture enter the LCD monitor. If you find that the surface of the screen is foggy before turning it on, wipe it gently with a soft cloth; if moisture has entered the LCD display, you can turn off the display, turn the LCD back to the sun, or bake it with a desk lamp to evaporate the moisture inside. That's it. But be careful not to expose the LCD screen to sunlight, which will cause aging of the components. Experts remind consumers that major international manufacturers such as LG pay great attention to after-sales service. If there is a more serious tidal event, it is best for ordinary users to get in touch with local brand after-sales service providers and ask them for help and insurance. This is because more severe moisture will damage the LCD components. When the user turns on the LCD with higher humidity, it will cause the liquid crystal electrodes to corrode and cause permanent damage. In addition, the hairspray used daily and the mosquito killer frequently used in summer will also damage the liquid crystal molecules and even the entire display, which will shorten the life of the entire display. Therefore, contact between the display and chemicals should be avoided as much as possible. The LCD screen maintenance details provide you with more maintenance information about whether the LCD screen should be set up with a screen saver and other aspects.
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