Increase in demand! Samsung decided to postpone its withdrawal from the LCD panel business

by:Kimeery     2021-05-26

According to a South Korean media 'SamMobile' report, SamsungDisplay, which originally planned to stop the production and supply of liquid crystal panels (LCD) before the end of 2020, has now decided to postpone the relevant plans until 2021. The reason for the delay was the rising demand for LCD panels under Wuhan pneumonia.

The report pointed out that Samsung Display currently plans to end LCD panel production at the L8 panel factory in Asan Park, South Korea by March 2021. Relevant sources pointed out that the reason for Samsung Display's delay in ending production is due to the recent increase in demand for LCD panels in the Wuhan pneumonia epidemic. Samsung also informed the supply chain companies of the relevant delay in ending production decisions.

The report also pointed out that Samsung is still negotiating with a number of companies to sell the LCD panel business and equipment sales. It is expected that equipment buyers will be confirmed in February 2021, and LCD panel production will be officially closed in March. It is reported that Samsung's 8.5-generation production line in Suzhou has been acquired by TCL Huaxing Optoelectronics, and some equipment of the L8 factory has also been sold to Yufenglong in Shenzhen, China.

Samsung recently announced that it plans to invest approximately US$11.7 billion to expand its QD-LCD for Samsung business by 2025. It is expected that after Samsung exits the LCD market in 2021, it will fully focus on the high-end display market. Because Samsung recently announced that it will withdraw from the LCD panel business, not only will LCD panel prices increase, but Samsung's original LCD panel orders are also expected to have the opportunity to transfer orders to Taiwanese panels Shuanghu AUO and Innolux. The market is optimistic about the future operating conditions of the two companies. Samsung's decision to postpone its withdrawal from the LCD panel business will continue to observe whether it will affect the panel double tiger. (Technews)

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