Ink screen and LCD successfully merged, Intel really started to push dual-screen notebooks

by:Kimeery     2021-06-01

The ASUS PROJECT PRECOG concept dual-screen notebook was not created by IKEA designers out of thin air. Intel intends to extend the dual-screen notebook to a wider range. The Tiger Rapids concept device is an example of this.

This Tiger Rapids notebook does not belong to any host manufacturer, it is a conceptual product designed by Intel. It has a 7.9-inch touch screen and a matching electronic ink screen panel.

In addition, Intel is also designing a set of software compatible with Windows 10 for Tiger Rapids to ensure that the electronic ink screen can act as a touchpad, virtual keyboard, handwritten notepad and reader. . At the same time, the notebook can also realize double-sided reading through backflip.

Due to the small size of the screen, this prototype device is very light and thin to use. At the same time, the battery life has reached 7 hours, which is enough to be used with retail products on the market. What Intel needs to do now is to improve the durability of the notebook to ensure that the Tiger Rapids concept notebook will not have a large number of repair problems when it is mass-produced.

Tiger Rapids does not yet have an official host manufacturer, but Intel has begun contacting Asus, Acer, MSI, and Gigabyte to find partners. As long as the price is low enough, the new style of notebooks is still easy to gain public approval .


But for now, Tiger Rapids is still a prototype, and the overall operation and loading are not very stable, the bundled stylus performs mediocre performance, and the way of carrying it is somewhat violent. But the electronic ink screen itself also means power saving, and the lower half of the screen will not reflect light in a bright environment. With the official release of Lenovo Yoga2 on IFA in September this year, the era of full-screen notebooks seems to be really not far from us. How to get a sense of sour feedback when typing on the screen with both hands probably requires OEMs to think about it.

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