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Innolux announces the world's first LCD narrow frame dual-panel mobile phone

by:Kimeery     2021-05-27

Innolux announced the world's first LCD narrow bezel dual-pin mobile phone. LCD for Samsung folding machines need to overcome the problem of fragile folding screens. Innolux (3481) today (20) announced the world’s first LCD dual-panel mobile phone with narrow bezels, curved surfaces, free and irregular splicing, and extremely fine seams. The technology According to Yang Qiulian, the General Development Office, this machine, named 'Double Wings Play Beauty

LCD for Samsung has inherent flexibility, Yang Qiulian pointed out, but LCD for Samsung folding mobile phones are also accompanied by other shortcomings. As the frequency of use increases, there will be 'wrinkles' or 'creases' in the center of the screen. Completely flat, and may increase the frequency of use, the more obvious the wrinkles; in addition, because of the flexible characteristics, the protective cover must also be a flexible plastic sheet, which is compared with the current flat type commonly used in the market. The glass protective cover used in the display is much inferior in mechanical properties, such as hardness and abrasion resistance.

Nowadays, most consumers have the habit of sticking protective film or glass protective sticker on the protective cover of 3C products with high specifications and high unit price, but it is also because of the flexibility. , There is no suitable protective film or protective glass available on the market.

Yang Qiulian said that the Ru0026D team used the narrow bezel technology of the 5.5-inch QHD LTPS panel with the special design of the arc corners of the 2.5D glass cover to refract the view of the display area and fully display it on the outside. On the screen, it is difficult for consumers to see the border area, achieving a visual full-screen effect.

She said that in 2018, she successfully developed 0.45mm left, right, and upper narrow border panels. This year, it has advanced to 0.3mm extreme narrow borders. Consumers can also feel the effect of the full screen at a large viewing angle. ; Today there are two 'Double Wings Play Beauty Device' on display, including full screen and curved surfaces, each with its own characteristics.

Yang Qiulian emphasized that Innolux Shuangpin mobile phone is an innovative visual application. Currently, it is actively contacting brand customers, locking the market for business people, and seizing business opportunities.

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