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Introduction to car cooling fan

by:Kimeery     2020-03-18
Introduction to Automobile cooling fan the engine cooling fan is an important part of the vehicle cooling system. The performance of the fan directly affects the heat dissipation effect of the engine, which in turn affects the performance of the engine. If the fan is not selected properly, the engine will be undercooled or overcooled, causing the engine working environment to deteriorate, which in turn affects the performance and service life of the engine. In addition, the power consumed by the fan accounts for about 5% of the engine output power ~ 8%, under the trend of pursuing environmental protection and low energy consumption, fans have also attracted increasing attention. In traditional fan matching, technicians often choose fans by analogy, that is, the same fan is selected for similar cooling requirements. If analogy is not possible, the fan will be selected with reference to factors such as fan installation requirements, engine model and vehicle working environment. This method lacks pertinence and the matching effect depends largely on the experience of technicians, fans selected in this way can only meet the cooling requirements of the system and cannot be optimal in terms of power consumption.
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