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Introduction to LCD interface, backlight and dead pixels

by:Kimeery     2021-08-21
Digital interface and analog interface are the two main interfaces of current LCD screens. The digital interface can be divided into 3.3V and 5V according to the voltage, and can be divided into two types: 18-digit digital interface and 24-digit digital interface according to the color. There are also two types of analog interfaces, one is analog RGB signal input, and the other is NTSC/PAL video signal input. Backlight Source Here we talked about the backlight, so we will classify the viewing angle of the liquid crystal from another direction. We can divide it into three types of liquid crystals, namely transmissive, reflective and semi-transmissive. The reason why we divide this way is because the LCD screenis passively emitting light, so it has to rely on the external light source to display the content. That being the case, what kind of light do the three types of liquid crystals need? Transmissive liquid crystals need to add background light, reflective liquid crystals need stronger ambient light, and transflective liquid crystals require strong ambient light or a backlight source. Character type liquid crystal, the backlight source is basically LED backlight source, mainly yellow is the main one, and the driver is generally +5V monochromatic STN small dot matrix liquid crystal, and more backlight sources are LED or EL. The common color of EL backlight is mainly yellow-green. EL's AC drives are basically 400-800Hz, 70-100V, the more commonly used drives require 1W of power, medium and large dot matrix STN liquid crystal and TFT liquid crystal: mostly cold cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFL/CCFT), common backlight The color is white, and the AC drive generally uses 25k-100kHz, 300V or more. The performance indicators of the LCD screencan be found in the supplier's information and specifications, but the 'dead pixels' on the screen can only be found by observing by yourself. What is a 'dead pixelThe dead pixels always exist on the screen, so when choosing the LCD screen, we have to choose clearly, then how to find the 'dead pixelsThen you can see if there are any pixels that are continuously illuminated or not illuminated at all. Under normal circumstances, a display screen with no more than three dead pixels can be regarded as a qualified product. Of course, when we choose, we will definitely choose a product that does not have one, which is also an AA-level product.
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