Introduction to the assembly structure principle of LCM liquid crystal display module and the connection method of LCM module

by:Kimeery     2021-08-27
The principle of the assembly structure of the LCM is to connect the conductive electrodes of the liquid crystal display and the electric field signal of the drive circuit to realize the generation of video signals, which are transmitted to the LCD screen and displayed as a whole. Kimeery, as a manufacturer specializing in Ru0026D, production and sales of LCD LCD screens, LCM LCD modules, LED backlights and LED digital tubes, today I will introduce to you the principle of LCM LCD module assembly structure and the introduction of LCM module connection methods. It helps. 1. The connection method of LCM LCD screenmodule is as follows: (1) Conductive rubber connection This is a common connection method that can be called traditional. The outer lead of the liquid crystal is ITO conductive film, which cannot be welded, but a conductive rubber strip can be used to easily connect the LCD liquid crystal screen and the circuit board (PCB). When using conductive rubber to connect, a structural part must be used to connect the LCD liquid crystal screen It is fixed with conductive rubber and PCB board. This is the function of the compression frame. One compression frame is made of hard plastic injection molding, and the other compression frame is made of metal stamping. (2) Metal pin connection (COB, chip on board) Because people are accustomed to and trust welding connection, for this reason, the metal pin connection method is designed, and the metal pin is fixed on the outer lead of the LCD screen, which can directly connect the LCD The LCD screen is soldered on the PCB board, or the LCD screen can be inserted into the socket of the PCB board. The pins are generally not installed by the customer, but installed by the LCD screen manufacturer. The installation structure is on the LCD outer lead Click a silver paste point, and then plug in the pins. After curing, apply a layer of insulating epoxy glue on the entire pins. From its structure, the pin connection is mainly suitable for reverse LCD screens, that is, the suitable viewing surface is narrow glass , The LCD screen with the outer lead upwards, so as not to protrude the pins above the upper surface of the LCD screen. Note also during use: ①When inserting the socket, press the pin end to insert the socket, and the insertion direction should be vertical, can not be shaken to insert, and should avoid repeated plugging and unplugging, so as to avoid the connection of the pin and the LCD screen from being loose. ②When soldering, use low-melting-point solder to quickly solder, and do not repeatedly desolder, so as to avoid overheating and damage the contact between the pins and the conductive film of the LCD screen. The pins are made of metal stamping and forming. Since the pins are stamped from metal, the plug always has a certain width, so any lead size cannot be used. Commonly used sizes are 2.54mm, 2.25mm, 2.00mm, 1.80mm and 1.5mm. (3) Hot pressing film connection is also called soft film connection, which is a convenient and reliable latest connection method. The key to the hot-pressing film is the hot-pressing glue between the conductive strips, which can be firmly bonded to glass, epoxy boards, etc. under pressure at a certain temperature. Moreover, the longer the time, the stronger the bond. The following table is the typical performance parameters of the hot-pressed film: performance parameters specification conditions conductive strip resistance 3kΩ or higher <900Ω/□ Insulation resistance under normal conditions 1×108 Insulation strength under normal conditions is greater than AC.250V, 1min electrode gap 0.6mm peel strength greater than 600g/cm 900 peeling, 50mm/min working temperature range -20℃~+70℃ 240h storage temperature range -20℃~+70℃ 240h recommended storage conditions 8 months airtight, cold and dark, protected from light under the conditions of less than 25℃ The connection and use method of the hot press film is: tear off the protective film, stick one end of the glue on the LCD screen glass, and the other end on the PCB board, at 110~130℃ (the actual glue surface should be at 180~200 ℃) Press 30kg/cm2 for about 5s. Since the base is soft, it is very convenient to fix it in use, and the installation thickness is very thin. (4) Direct integrated connection (COG: Chip On Glass) The integrated connection here is to directly connect the LCD screen and the IC circuit. After the connection, the whole still needs to be connected with the PCB board. Design the external leads of the LCD screen on a small area, glue the dedicated LSI-IC chip for the LCD screen in between, use the pressure welding wire to weld the endpoints together as required, and then drop a drop of seal on the top Just glue it. The input terminal of the IC is also designed on the LCD outer lead glass, and is also pressure-welded to the input terminal of the chip. At this time, the LCD with the chip has constituted a complete LCD LCD screenmodule. It is enough to connect it with the PCB by pressing the film. This is a highly integrated, miniature, and thin connection method, which has a wide range of application prospects and extremely high use value in the current development of miniaturized instruments. Due to space limitations, the LCM LCD module engineering staff of Kimeery Co., Ltd., the LCM LCD module manufacturer, introduced the definition of liquid crystal module (LCM), LCD module assembly principle and connection method in this article.
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