Investment 2.187 billion yuan! Shanshan shares plans to build two LCD polarizer production lines

by:Kimeery     2021-05-31

On March 3, Shanshan shares (600884.SH) announced that based on the continuous growth trend of the domestic flat panel display industry, combined with the company's subsidiary Shanjin Optoelectronics Technology (Zhangjiagang) Co., Ltd. ('Zhangjiagang Shanjin') For business planning, the company’s board of directors agreed to Zhangjiagang Shanjin’s investment in the construction of two LCD polarizer production lines in Zhangjiagang Economic and Technological Development Zone, with a fixed asset investment of approximately RMB 2.187 billion to expand production scale, increase market share, and enhance market competitiveness.

Project name: Annual production capacity of 40 million square meters LCD polarizer production line project; construction content and scale: 2 1490mm wide LCD polarizer production lines, with a planned production capacity of about 40 million square meters per year; and Supporting post-processing equipment, power and environmental protection facilities.

The project will continue to use the same technology and equipment as the original LG Chem's Wocang, South Korea, Nanjing and Guangzhou factories, and use its years of experience in polarizer production and manufacturing to improve technical processes according to market needs. To ensure its advanced nature.

The planned production line of this project is a wide-format production line, which is suitable for the production of polarizers for TV and IT, which is conducive to reducing the import dependence of domestic polarizers and the production cost of domestic LCD panel manufacturers, and increasing the localization of polarizers At the same time, the proposed production line will effectively alleviate the company’s production capacity shortage in the Nanjing plant. It will effectively be close to the market while expanding the production capacity. This will help consolidate and expand the market share, enhance the company’s overall competitiveness, and consolidate its leading position in the industry. The interests of all shareholders. (Gelonghui)

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