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iPhone 11 is not selling well. JDI: OLED smartphones will be popular

by:Kimeery     2021-06-07

There is no doubt that mobile phone manufacturers are abandoning LCD screens, and JDI has the most say.

Because of being too obsessed with LCD screens, JDI is seriously lagging behind in OLED screen Ru0026D and production capacity. So after Apple cut the iPhone into OLED screens in 2017, JDI's backwardness is fully apparent, although this year’s iPhone 11 It sells well, but it doesn't help, because as the price of OLED screens goes down, the iPhone will inevitably abandon all LCD screens in the future.

In this regard, Minoru Kikuoka, the new CEO of JDI, said in an interview that although LCD for Samsung panels are thinner, more energy-efficient, and have higher contrast, JDI’s LCD screens will continue to have a price advantage , So that it remains competitive in the field of smart phones.

Minoru Kikuoka said that after several delays in mass production of OLED screens, JDI has finally approached the level of launching its first OLED product. But in addition to confirming that this screen will not be used in smartphones, he declined to disclose more details, and he also revealed that they also want to switch to OLED screens on a large scale. But without a partner who can invest capital to support, we can hardly do this.

In August of this year, JDI announced that its quarterly sales were the lowest level since the company went public in 2014. The reason is that the demand from smartphone manufacturers has fallen sharply and there is no prospect of recovery in the short term. The company laid off about 1,200 employees through a voluntary retirement plan, sold some display manufacturing equipment, and suspended production at a factory.

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