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iphone 4 white lcd screen glass digitizer assembly for cdma verizon sprint

by:Kimeery     2020-04-02
The IPhone 3g digitizer covers clear plastic fixed on the LCD screen and protects expensive parts from adverse scratches and cracks.
Digitizer skillfully controls the touch input mechanism to make the device function smoother and will not be able to perform its utility if your iphone Digitizer is damaged.
Digitizer is a low cost saving necessity that can be replaced from your side by using some simple tools.
Enjoy a greater relationship with this innovative black and white LCD screen glass digitizer, a hasty remedy that avoids by adversely affecting the eyes when performing a pale-colored iPhoneInstructions 1.
The black and white LCD screen glass digitizer component for the CDMA version of Sprint iPhone 4 does not need to pay the technician $.
Turn off your iPhone
Keep your device in the bracket position and insert the end of the paper clip into a small hole located at the top of the iPhone 3g.
The SIM card tray will come out, take it out and remove it from the iPhone. 2.
Flip over the iPhone 3g and look at the bottom.
Two Philips screws around the port should be removed. 3.
Now, you need to place suction cups on top of the digital meter surface.
Lift up on the suction cup in order to remove the digitizer and LCD from the rest of the iPhone.
Since there are very few cables between digitizer and control board, be careful when lifting. 4.
Tilt digitizer to put it in a vertical position, so you will visualize the cables and connectors that are located at the end of the control board.
With your crowbar in the upper right corner of the board, there are two connectors to lift them up.
This will reveal the zipper connector.
Flip the latch located at the top of the connector, then pull the digitizer and LCD to remove them from the rest of the device. 5.
Now need to pull out the black tape cover on one side of the LCD assembly.
On a specific side of the Assembly, remove the three Philip screws there;
No, just flip the component on the other side.
In addition, remove the two screws located on the side of the Assembly. 6.
Now, on the edge of the back of the metal LCD, a Philip screw needs to be removed.
The screw is exactly the same as the LCD assembly and cable, and the LCD assembly and cable are connected to the control panel with the assembly. 7.
Now is the time to insert a crowbar between the iphone s LCD and the transparent glass digitizer.
The crowbar around the LCD needs to be moved until it is caught and then raised. 8.
Isolate the digitizer and replace it by placing it in its position.
Now, the sic screws need to be replaced and the LCD is put back in the digitizer.
Put the reassembled LCD and Digitizer back into the main unit housing and make sure to reconnect the three disconnected cables.
Now it\'s time to return the two screws located at the bottom of the device, and the SIM card needs to be inserted into the opening at the top of the iPhone 3g.
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