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iphone 5 rumor: lcd screen replacement on sale for $199

by:Kimeery     2020-04-02
At this point, the iPhone 5 will have a larger screen, which has been greatly confirmed.
All logos point to a screen with a resolution of 1136x640.
Of course, we will not be sure until the iPhone 5 event confirmed on September 12.
If there is a Chinese electronics retailer selling the iPhone 5 screen at this moment, that would be fine.
As it turns out, retailers like 9to5Mac have found that chingegetland is equipped with LCD screens for the iPhone 5 being sold.
Sadly, as soon as the news came out, they all sold out.
No one is of any use to them at this point, but come on, this is the iPhone 5 LCD screen.
This is the specification on the site, confirming a lot of what we know about the new screen: it\'s hard to say if this is a scam.
This site does look legal and for a wholesale e-site it is impossible to get parts before the actual device is released.
Apple seems to be trying to stop such a thing.
Maybe they just stopped trying to fight the inevitable.
I\'m sure those who order LCD panels will receive them in the next few days.
From then on we will be able to judge once and for all whether the iPhone 5 screen will really be 4 inch of the joy, or all the leaks that cause this moment are just rumors.
I am willing to put the money on the former.
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