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iphone 7 has the best mobile lcd display ever tested, says displaymate

by:Kimeery     2020-04-04
Test Company display mate called the display on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 The \"best performing smartphone display\" that the company has tested \".
Now, the company has tested the display on the iPhone 7 and claims it is the \"best performing mobile LCD monitor\" it has ever encountered, while it has also set some overall records
Dr. president of Display mate. Raymond M.
Soneira said that although the display of the iPhone 7 is difficult to distinguish between the size and resolution of the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 s, the smartphone wraps up a \"really impressive\" and \"major enhancements\" display on the iPhone 6\'s display.
As display mate points out, one of the main reasons for the improvement is the presence of two standard Color games.
IPhone 7 with \"DCI-
P3 wide color range commonly used for 4 k Ultra hd TV and digital movies \"and\" traditional smaller sRGB/Rec \".
\"The color range is 709,\" the company said . \"
Display mate said that both colors of the game are achieved with absolute color accuracy, \"visually and perfectly is inseparable.
According to the company, the brightness of the display screen of the iPhone 7 is 625 nits, but in fact only 602 nits --
This is still the \"highest peak brightness\" display measured on any smartphone.
However, when the automatic brightness is turned on under high ambient light conditions, the actual peak brightness is higher at 705 nits.
According to display mate, the display on Apple\'s smartphone has a record high contrast for ips LCD displays, and a record low screen reflection ratio for smartphones.
Regarding the power efficiency of the display, soneira said, A wide color range LCD like the iPhone 7 uses a \"specially tuned red and green fluorescent body to optimize the conversion of selected saturated red and green primary light, improving lighting and power efficiency.
\"There are rumors that Apple\'s 2017 iPhone may come with an Oled display.
If this is true, the iPhone 7 display could be Apple\'s last big leap on the LCD display.
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