ITO glass, the key material of LCD

by:Kimeery     2021-09-05
In the oxide conductive film, the Sn-doped In2O3 (ITO) film has the highest transmittance and the best conductivity, and it is easy to etch fine patterns in the acid solution. Its transmittance has reached more than 90%. In ITO, its transmittance and resistance are controlled by the ratio of In2O3 to Sn2O3, usually SnO2: In2O3u003d1:9. ITO is an N-type oxide semiconductor-indium tin oxide. ITO thin film is an indium tin oxide semiconductor transparent conductive film. There are usually two main performance indicators: resistivity and light transmittance. At present, the resistivity of the ITO film is generally about 5*10-4, preferably up to 5*10-5, which is close to the resistivity of metal. In practical applications, square resistance is often used to characterize the conductivity of ITO. The transmittance can reach more than 90%. The transmittance and resistance of the ITO film are controlled by the ratio of In2O3 and Sn2O3, respectively. Increasing the ratio of indium oxide can increase the transmittance of ITO. Usually Sn2O3: In2O3u003d1:9, Because when the thickness of tin oxide exceeds 200Å, the transparency is usually not good enough---although the conductivity is good. ITO has free ions on the surface and is prone to oxidation-reduction reaction and ITO corrosion when it is energized. Therefore, we should not touch the electrodes of mobile phone LCD with bare hands, because the halogen (cl element) contained in human sweat is the natural enemy of ITO. At present, the suppliers of these ITO glass include South Korea's Samsung Corning Company, Shenzhen Weiguang Company, Shenzhen Leybao Company, Guangzhou Shengnuo Company, Anhui Huayi Company and so on.
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