JDI, LGD LCD 'bangs' screen leaks light? 6.1-inch iPhone rumored to go on sale in November

by:Kimeery     2021-06-06

Apple (Apple) predicts that there will be 3 next-generation iPhone vibes to be launched in 2018. In addition to the upgraded version of the current iPhone X (5.8 inches) (hereinafter referred to as iPhone X 2), it will also introduce 6.5 IPhone X Plus with an LCD for Samsung panel and a new machine equipped with a 6.1-inch liquid crystal panel (LCD).

Among them, in the part of the 6.1-inch LCD version of the iPhone, it has been reported that it is facing production problems a few days ago, so the mass production time may be postponed by 2 months. And the 'production problem' refers to the poor panel yield? According to Korean media, the 6.1-inch LCD version of the new phone uses a 'bangs' design like the iPhone X. However, due to the poor yield rate of the LCD panel with the bangs design, the 6.1-inch new phone may not be available until November.

The Japanese Apple intelligence website iPhone Mania quoted a report from the Korean media The Bell on the 1st. Among the three new iPhone models that Apple is expected to sell this year, two models with LCD for Samsung panels will be sold as planned. It will be produced and sold in September. Another model with LCD may be postponed to November due to the poor yields of Japan Display Ine (JDI) and LG Display (LGD), which produce LCDs.

The report pointed out that for the first time, Apple applied the notch design of iPhone X to the LCD, while JDI and LGD faced manufacturing problems that led to poor yields. According to reports, JDI and LGD are facing the problem of panel 'light leakage

The report also pointed out that although the sale of the new 6.1-inch model will be postponed to November, the two high-priced models will go on sale first (on sale in September), which is expected to bring positive benefits to Apple's performance.

Source: moneydj

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