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Kimeery LCD display manufacturers will show you what are the common faults of LCD screens?

by:Kimeery     2023-03-27
Kimeery LCD screen manufacturers take you to understand the common faults of LCD screens! 1. The display screen has internal pollution: generally there are black spots, stains and fibers. Refers to the optical fiber in the mobile LCD screen display. 2. TFT liquid crystal display' style='white-space: normal;'>The color of the LCD screenis not uniform: the general phenomenon is the color inconsistency and rainbow, that is, the color of the mobile LCD screen display is not uniform, and the rainbow in the middle or edge of the bar graph And the color band is uneven, mainly from the color point of view. 3. Poor glass cutting: Y-axis cutting, X-axis cracks cause some protrusions or depressions. 4. Bumps and fibers: Dust, fibers and other pollutants fall on the surface of the mobile phone LCD or the polarized light is dirty. 5. The display screen is damaged: the customer claims that the lens is damaged. That is to say, the damage part of the LCD screenis incomplete, including corner damage, edge damage, and conductive layer damage (that is, pin side damage, which is generally caused by human factors, and may be caused by the company and customers). 6. Scratches on the display pins: that is, the pins (generally called the conductive layer) on the pin side of the LCD broken code screen are scratched and cut, resulting in open circuits and poor conductivity, which are easily caused by ordinary customers during maintenance. 7. The background color of the LCD monitor does not match: Generally speaking, the overall color of the mobile phone LCD monitor is very different from other mobile phone LCD monitors. 8. No protective film: The protective film on the surface of the polarizer is torn off. (In general, the integrated circuit is broken, and the LCD is broken when it is repaired). 9. Polarizer water streaks: There are streaks on the polarizer, which can only be seen through the backlight. When wiping the conductive layer with alcohol or acetone after installation, due to the infiltration of alcohol or acetone, customers may also infiltrate when wiping the pins. 10. Polarizer corrosion: the polarizer is discolored or deformed due to chemical reactions with certain liquids. 11. Polarizer bubbles: After installation, there are small bubbles on the polarizer on the surface of the liquid crystal display, which will affect the performance of the liquid crystal display. 12. There are scratches inside the display screen: the general phenomenon is black lines and white lines, and the scratches on PI are line scratches. 13. Scratches and punctures on the display polarizer: generally called 'mirror flower' and 'mirror blur' in the industry. That is to say, the polarizer is damaged or damaged by hard hands such as blades (probably caused by improper placement and use by customers). 14. Mixed use: Mixed use of products with different types and performances, different models mixed with different versions, mobile LCD screen displays produced by foreign manufacturers, liquid crystal displays mixed with different periods. TFT LCD screenLCD for Samsung display'>LCD for Samsung display LCD display manufacturers

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