Korean media: Hetaifeng purchased LCD production equipment from Samsung Display’s discontinued plant

by:Kimeery     2021-05-30

A few days ago, the Korean media the elec pointed out that Samsung Display (Samsung Display) is conducting final negotiations with the Chinese manufacturer Huike (HKC) on the sale of its 8th generation LCD production line. However, the latest report of the elec shows that another Chinese manufacturer has already taken the lead.

South Korean industry sources pointed out that Chinese LCD module manufacturer Hefengtai has purchased Gen-8 LCD production line equipment from Samsung Display’s discontinued plant. The equipment may have entered China in March this year, when Hetaifeng also carried out an equipment entering ceremony at Qinzhou Port in Guangxi.

It is understood that Hetaifeng has purchased second-hand equipment from Samsung Display’s Gen-7 production line. However, only a small amount of equipment was sold at that time, because Samsung had melted some second-hand equipment in order to prevent the equipment from being exported to China.

Industry insiders pointed out that for the 8th generation LCD production line equipment, Samsung Display’s willingness to sell second-hand equipment has become stronger, which seems to show that Samsung has decided to withdraw from the LCD display market and enter the high-end market instead. The QLED field.

Founded in September 2008, Hefengtai is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in LCD module, LCD panel offset and LCD panel binding operations. According to the official news of Hefengtai, since its establishment, Hefengtai has gradually established and maintained good cooperative partners with large upstream LCD panel manufacturers such as BOE, China Electronics (CEC), Shenchao Optoelectronics, Huaxing Optoelectronics, Longteng, and AVIC. relationship.

According to previous reports from Jiwei.com, in September this year, the Nanxun District People’s Government, China Fortune Land Development Co., Ltd. and Hefengtai jointly signed the Hefengtai G8.5 ultra-thin glass substrate deep processing project.

Hefengtai plans to establish an ultra-thin glass substrate deep processing production base in Nanxun Industrial New City. The total investment of the project is 29 billion yuan, and the first phase investment is 16 billion. The project plans to complete the plant construction next year and realize the product in 2021. Offline.

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