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LCD and common key indicators

by:Kimeery     2021-08-28
As a kind of optical device, the function of CD is to show people the information they want, so that human beings can continuously expand the functions of their senses. In order to display the desired information, we must first display small dots on a displayed template, which is through what we call a dot matrix, usually called pixels. The higher the pixel, the more realistic the display, the richer the information displayed, and the higher the resolution. As a display device, a key indicator of the LCD screendevice is its response time. Generally speaking, the shorter the response time, the better, and the shorter the response time will not lead to tailing\afterimages and other phenomena. Similar to the response time of any information processing system, the response time of LCD is defined as the sum of rise time and fall time. The response time is related to the viscosity coefficient and cell thickness of the liquid crystal itself. Generally, the smaller the viscosity coefficient and cell thickness, the faster the liquid crystal molecules rotate and the shorter the response time. Viewing angle is another key indicator. We noticed that our eyes can see objects because light enters our eyes, and the LCD screendevice itself does not emit light, so we must add a light source behind it. This light source is from LCD The back of the camera emits light, so we call it Backlight (Backlight). Because of the backlight, there is naturally an optimal viewing angle, because the backlight may enter the human eyes through the pixels next to it, causing color distortion. The undistorted range is the viewing angle of the liquid crystal display. Common LCD viewing angles are 3 points, 6 points, 9 points, 12 points, etc. The common product angles of our company are 6 points and 12 points. The angle of view should be determined according to people's needs, not the wider the angle of view, the better, it depends on what purpose the product is used for. Generally speaking, viewing products such as LCD TVs hope that the viewing angle is as wide as possible, while the screens of ATM ATMs in banks do not want the viewing angle to be too wide due to the confidentiality requirements of personal information. Contrast (Contrast   Ratio) is also a key indicator. Contrast refers to the ratio of the brightness of the bright area to the dark area of u200bu200bthe display under specified lighting and observation conditions. Generally, in engineering, we use the brightness of 5 points in a completely white screen and divide by the sum of the brightness of 5 points in a black screen to find the contrast. Other indicators include dead pixels on the screen, spacing between pixels, thickness, etc.
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