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LCD and module interface form

by:Kimeery     2021-09-04
LCD interface methods: mobile phone LCD interface methods are generally divided into metal pin type, conductive adhesive strip crimping type, and zebra paper crimping type. Metal pins mean that the lead wires of the LCD are metal pins, and the metal pins of the mobile phone LCD can be soldered to the circuit board when in use; the conductive adhesive strip crimping means that the lead pins of the LCD are ITO glass, which needs to be conductive when used. The adhesive strip connects the pin glass of the mobile phone LCD with the circuit board through an external structural pressure. Zebra paper crimping means that the lead wire of the LCD is zebra paper, and the zebra paper needs to be crimped onto the circuit board with a heat press when in use. The interface form of the module: The interface form of the module is generally divided into jack type, pin type, cable interface and other forms. The socket type means that the interface of the module is a row of sockets, and the user can use the pins to solder to the socket; the pin type means that the interface of the module is a row of pins, and the user will solder the pins to the The circuit board is enough; the cable interface means that the interface of the module is a cable line, and the user can insert or solder the cable line to the circuit board.
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